Integral life discussion board post

Yes, it’s so simple, simpler then you ever imagined it to be. Every night when you laid in bed waiting for the mind to find an answer to whatever ill troubled you at… Continue reading

you guessed it

There is a place beyond space and time which is uniqe because it is the whole of creation, and it knows not itself, because there is nothing there to compare ‘itself’ to; since… Continue reading

Holloween was very very scarry

This To Shall Pass’ is the slogan written on my left arm,‘music is time measured by sound’ , is what I had written on my back. & the truth is, I am let… Continue reading

the trick is in associations and linking you do

I never knew how beautiful it was to have a piano in your room before. I never knew besides, how perfect it was to have a large mirror looking back at you while… Continue reading

jeaz louise

Yeah, I heard the sunshine has teeth. I heard the blue ridge mountains got a cool brease. I feel the love on the beach in Florida by the drum. even if it’s sticky… Continue reading

Monday Monday….

Do you have belief systems competing for your thoughts?A verity of places to go to enhance your belief system buffet? Well maybe you are one of the chosen few 6,825,561,693 People alive today.… Continue reading

Den Wilber quotes

In fact, at this point in history, the most radical, pervasive, and earth-shaking transformation would occur simply if everybody truly evolved to a mature, rational, and responsible ego, capable of freely participating in… Continue reading

no title

what’s on your mind? “what did the president know? when did he know it?” – enything at all? —- pasifica radio – this is democracy now – a greeting for all of you.… Continue reading


What I am and you are. ~~~~ I have a block going on since I came back to Florida. I don’t ‘write’ for a general audience = how I feel. I am absorbed… Continue reading

14h in a plane seat z;e)F

How is it that we are designed so that what we say ‘off the cuff; is often after some reflection “found to be the inner voice or true wanting. ? society must be… Continue reading